The List of Desire

Ikea Design
A Whole Group Of Desires

One of my worst habits is WANTING. I just WANT constantly. Everywhere I go. I have a very appropriative nature. If I see things, I want them instantly. Therefore most of the memory on my iPod is taken up with lists of things I want, most of which I forget about pretty much instantly. I was brought up with no money, and I think the wanting-but-never-having thing is just my reaction to that.

Today’s list:

  1. Huge cerise silk peony for a big dark pink vase my work darlings got for me
  2. Cloudy glass butter dish
  3. Chunky glass lemon squeezer with jug
Desire List

There are also some absolutely ENCHANTING toadstool salt and pepper shakers that I not only want, I NEED. Can’t find a picture, but don’t worry, they’ll be mine soon enough and you shall see!

Am I right? Tell me!

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