Twenty Things I Will Do

Silver Seabright Bantam
Silver Seabright Bantam

These are a few things that I must achieve in order to remain happy and satisfied. It’s not so many really, as I probably have over 50 years left to do so:

Write something that more than 100 people read

Perfect a chilli jam recipe

Walk to the Temple of the Winds with my baby in my arms

Make a patchwork quilt

Keep chickens

Write a book that I’m happy with

Walk to the Monastery in Petra again

Have my own library

Learn to drive and immediately take off on an ill-advised road trip

Go to a jazz bar in Paris and dance all night

Plant a kitchen garden

Get married in the Divinity School at the Bodleian Library

See the Aurora Borealis

Own a house with a porch and hang a wooden swinging seat

Visit all the oldest libraries in Europe

Get paid to do something I love

Go to Easter Island

Have a kitten

Own a Mulberry Roxanne

Hear the Muezzin in Istanbul again

Am I right? Tell me!

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