The Tunnel Walk

A few weeks ago Mam texted me with the air of someone magnanimously gifting their daughter the last golden ticket. She told me that she had two tickets for ‘The Tunnel Walk’. ‘Wow’, I thought ‘that sounds amazing…perhaps exploring a group of smugglers’ caves, or the catacombes below a church?’. Ha. She had got me and Boyfriend two tickets to walk through the new Hindhead tunnel. Apparently, 20,000 people tried to get hold of one and only a few managed it. Why?

That said, I was eager enough to be a part of history, and how often do you get to walk through a huge traffic tunnel without dying? Boyfriend and I are keen on a good walk, so we said thanks very much.

This Is a Tunnel

Well. It was a tunnel. It went from here all the way to there and it was a bit cold. I was disappointed that it wasn’t even dark. However, my friend Sam had asked that I get a good look at any ‘secret doors’, as we are both fascinated by what is kept behind the little openings you see on the undgerground etc. And there were some. In fact, there were whole rooms between the two tunnels. Sadly, they were guarded by bored teenaged volunteers in hi vis jackets, but still.

Hindhead Tunnel
My Lowest Point

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