What NOT To Do With Your Man’s Home

Creeping Claptrap

Whenever I guiltily sneak home another charity shop find it just gets put in the corner or on my book mountain. Therefore, both are getting a little crowded and are starting to creep out from the walls, encroaching on the space that’s supposed to be for humans. But I’m afraid that I tend to live in the future in my mind, and if I see something that would look amazing in my imaginary house, well I gotta have it. This is not restricted to ornaments.

Scarily, I also buy baby things for my non-existent children. Not ALL the time, but I have at least three items of clothing, a Hello Kitty soft toy and about two hats. Psycho, eh? Even more weird is the fact that Boyfriend doesn’t seem to be bothered by this obviously mental behaviour. He agrees that having a baby is going to cost enough as it is, and we may as well start spreading the costs now. This is not normal. I think he has things wrong with him.

Just SOME of The Jars

Am I right? Tell me!

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