It’s a Red Lipstick Kind of a Day

Red Lipstick
The Lips

I am wearing red lipstick today. A Red Lipstick Day only comes round once in a while. They happen on the rare occasion that I feel good enough about my outfit to go that step further and admit ‘Hey, actually yes I DID make an effort today’. They also happen when I am excited, to show it’s not just a normal day. And today is definitely a Red Lipstick Day. For I am flying to Barcelona very early tomorrow morning and I am molt emocionat about it.

My tiiiiny hand-luggage-only bag is packed with thin maxi dresses and ONE set of heels. I have my outfit laid out for travelling. I have passports, euros, boarding passes and EHIC cards in my bag, having deemed Boyfriend unworthy of the resposibility. Although it will be him sorting everything out if  I lose them…

Boyfriend has actually been very very patient with me for the last few days. After throwing a strop about not having a ‘tanning mitt’ (whatever that is) he went out to find one, with no luck. So we set about searching the house for a DIY version. However, as neither of us had ever even seen a tanning mitt, it was doomed to fail. I tried a kitchen sponge, a high grade cloth and rubber gloves. In the end I just did it with my bare hands and actually, I think it turned out OK. I absolutely HATE fake tanning, and this is the first time I’ve ever done my whole body. Although I wasn’t brave enough to do my face so I look like I’ve been walking around naked but for a ski mask. Oh well. I just didn’t want the Catalan women to laugh at me. Boyfriend said this was being paranoid and ridiculous. I said HE was being ridiculous. And that was that.

P.S. Weeeeirdly enough, when I searched for a red lipstick picture, I found Kelly’s blog, about much the same thing RE Red Lipstick Days. Just goes to show, women assign red lipstick a magical power that men possibly miss. Poor devils.

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