The Weekend

Sooooo….Boyfriend and I once again proved ourselves completely incapable of getting drunk together without arguing. And it was a HUM DINGER. Very embarrassing indeed. He has a tendency to say lots of disgustingly horrible things that he doesn’t at all mean, and then feel awful and say sorry. I deal with it because I can be pretty horrid too.

But! Fleetwood Bac were IMMENSE, one of the best bands I have ever seen in my life. Literally. And they’re playing in my home town in December! So that’s Mam and Daddy Hayes and Mama Gerbi sorted for Christmas in one neat swoop.

Opticians was horrible as we were hungover, and having the brightest light on earth shone in your eye at some stupid hour of the night (lunch time actually) is not conducive to feeling better. Did however find an amazing pair of vintagey rounded winged specs, which I think I can get a pair free with. AND I’m pretty sure work have to pay for my eye test and contribute towards my glasses. Boyfriend’s just been told the same, so that’s a RESULT!

Winged Specs – The Ultimate in Heart-Shaped-Face Chic

Massaman curry with Andy was brill, and Boyfriend’s oldest friend Woody came round for a bit too. They passed the time smugly talking about rifles and hunting, and other manly pursuits.

Family occasion: no. Just. NO. God. I SWEAR that when I am old, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER force ANYONE to sit in one small room with twenty people they don’t know or don’t like and smile for 6 hours. Not one of those people had a good time, so what was the point of us all making the journey? Nana Gerbi had an OK time I think, but mostly because she wasn’t at the Home, and she was given several gin top ups. Before we left she said to me ‘It’s so lovely here. When I have to go back THERE I’ll cry’. Heart breaking. I don’t know who she thinks I am, but we had a fine old time ignoring everyone else. Mama Gerbi passed the afternoon sneaking out for cigarettes and moaning about the others. I’m so lucky I got her, don’t know how I’d stand it if my mother in law was like any of those people. Mama Gerbi is a free spirit who escaped from a suffocating family. She says she feels like the black sheep, but really, she’s the only ray of sunshine in a repressed and oppressing gang of Christians.

In other news: won a pair of industrial steel toe capped Dr Martens on eBay last night, and Boyfriend has bought me some pink Nike Airmax for my Birthday. Also, Daddy Hayes has nearly finished my book cases that I’ve been waiting for since Christmas! They look FAB, and it’s only just occurred to me that book cases are really just big shoe racks that you can also put books on. ‘Mazing!

Book Case? Non! C'est un SHOE Case

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