The Weekend

Got a busy weekend planned. Tonight Boyfriend and I are going to see Fleetwood Bac, one of the oldest Fleetwood Mac tribute bands. This is a secret as it was one of Boyfriend’s birthday presents waaay back in March. I am inexcusably excited as it’s the closest we’re going to come to the real thing, and MY GOD do we love Fleetwood Mac.

THEN, we’re staying over at my buddy’s house, THEN in the morning we’re going to get our eyes tested (yes, together) and I’m attempting contacts for the first time! Boyfriend has never had glasses before so it’s going to be hilarious. THEN we’re going to stop by the tattoo shop and see my friends Lee and Lee to try and persuade them to do Boyfriend’s tattoos for a lovely discounted rate…

THEN we’re going home to start on a massaman curry, which my lovely friend Andy is coming round to enjoy with us. We will probably all indulge in lots of cheap cider, crap TV and too many cigarettes. Perfect.

THEN, on Sunday we’re going to a Boyfriend’s family occasion. I have never met these people and Boyfriend hasn’t seen them in more than 5 years, so it should be an experience. Apparently they’re very well to do, which will be hilarious because Phil’s immediate family are completely BONKERS. For instance, the last time his family came round I saw his brother’s willy AND his mum’s boobies. No, it wasn’t some weird incestuous orgy; just Sunday night in with the Gerbis…

THEN, Monday night I am actually going out. Like, PROPER OUT. I’m going to a club I used to frequent (by which I mean pretty much LIVE in) with my university friends Oli and Lucy, who are finishing their degrees. I’ve missed them dreadfully since I left uni, and this may be the last time I see them, possibly forever. They will be embarking on their graduate careers in some impressive fashion, and I will be left behind like the miserable drop out I am. Although to be fair, I earn more than they will for a good few years…

So, impressive eh? Especially when you consider the fact that my weekend usually consists of sitting on the sofa, eating and maybe going for a walk.

Am I right? Tell me!

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