I Need a More Effective Happy Place

Every morning, I get up and tell myself that today will be different. Today, I will not let myself get frustrated and stressed and panicky. It generally lasts until about 9-9.30, when something will come up and I will be instantly submerged into terror territory.

This morning, that had happened by 8.30. This is a new low for me, as usually I am the only person in the office until about 8.45, and then it takes most of my colleagues at least 20 minutes to settle down and start causing problems for me. But today I had a nice early start to the day’s torture.

The main trouble is, as soon as I start on something that is vitally important and should have been done yesterday, another problem comes up. I factor in time for these problems, but there’s always one that completely blind sides me, and I am often ASTOUNDED by the stupidity of the people making the mistakes. Of course I make mistakes, mea maxima culpa, but these are little irritating pointless mistakes that hold up an already delayed process by DAYS.

I am incredibly stressed out right now and it’s only going to get worse. I literally need a computer in my brain as well as the ability to not care if people hate me so I could MAKE THEM ALL DO THEIR BLOODY JOBS.

Am I right? Tell me!

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