I’ve Been Marginally Cheered Up…

…by Slash ft. Fergie and Cypress Hill. Well, that’s quite something. Who knew THAT GIRL from the Black Eyed Peas could WAIL like that?! She needs to ditch second rate pop and get an awesome rock band together. If Taylor bloody Momsen can go from Gossip Girl to some weird grungey metal THING, Fergie can for SHIZ be in a proper old school rock band.

Also Boyfriend was nice to me:

‘I’m soooooooooooooo proud of you. You are amazing and you don’t need to worry. Take a breath and relax, things go a lot better if you can just stay clam.  It’s not the end of the world babe. You have come sooooo far. You just do what you can do, and make sure you do it well. You’re just pushing yourself too far. You have gone from nothing to account manager in five months. That is excellent!’

Which is nice, isn’t it?

Fergie and Slash
Fergie and Slash – I wish I Was Her (and So Does Boyfriend I Bet…)



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