Getting Used to the New Us

I got my contacts at the weekend, but no one has noticed so I’m sulking. I’ve been happily surprised by these little jelly nuisances…for one thing, I can SEE, which is amazing. And I’ve discovered that I’m actually less self conscious without my glasses…possibly because I feel more attractive. I was terrified that I’d feel really exposed without the safety blanket of my specs. After all, I’ve worn them as a statement through all my teenaged years, thinking that they were just a cool look but SO obviously depending on them.

Getting Used to Contacts

Boyfriend is also very hapy with his new glasses…he keeps grimacing at his reflection, but I can tell he likes them really. He loves being able to see, it was so cute watching him skip about, exclaiming over what he could see. As we stumbled out of the opticians, we must have looked like we were high…shouting about being able to see patterns on the pavement and flowers and other such oddities. I love how Boyfriend looks. He seems simultaneously younger and more mature. It’s hot.

Going round to see Mam and Daddy Hayes tonight. Daddy is a bit ill, so I’m taking him a sun flower in a pot. What could be happier than that? And a visit from his beloved daughter…truth is, I just really want to see my book cases, can’t wait! I’ve got Mam some of those spongey shrimp things that taste like sugary soap…UCK. But she loves them and they have special history for her because they remind her of her best friend’s face when he first tried one…he felt the same as me about them.

I’ve actually managed to get some writing done today rather than just interminable ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN. Got loads more to do tomorrow as well, but by then things will definitely be a bit more hectic. Tuesday is when problems start poring in. Every week. Without fail.

Am I right? Tell me!

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