I Am Now, Sadly, 22

I am old. I feel old. I think I may in fact be old. But there were presents! Chanel Allure because I feel a bit old for Chance now. Prestige Mineral Pigments bronzer and lip tint. Cath Kidston cowboy spout cup…I don’t care, I wanted it. And of course my Nike Air Max. There was also an H & M giftcard, a purple waist belt, Hello Kitty knickers, a book from Daddy and a Cath Kidston rucksack from my siblings, bless them.

Cath Kidston - Birthday Presents - Chanel Allure

Yesterday we made it to the Temple of the Winds! It’s not a temple! Very very VERY misleading name indeed.

We set out with backpacks (my new Cath Kidston one, which I insisted must only be put on the ground if it was on a plastic bag…) and picnic and a bottle of champagne to FIND THIS DAMN TEMPLE, and it was all going well until we realised the trail didn’t match what we had thought last time we gave up. So we essentially just criss crossed the Surrey hills all morning until we stumbled upon it – excellent. The ‘Temple of the Winds’ is a curved stone bench looking out over a tremendous view. Apparently you can sometimes see the sea. Well, we couldn’t, and it wasn’t a temple – disappointing. I may write to the National Trust. Especially as they have no signs at all except ‘Public Bridle Path’ – which is no help to anyone.

Champagne - Blackdown Surrey Hills - Birthday Celebratory Walk

But we had our lovely picnic and drank our champagne out of plastic heart shaped flutes, and then went home. We picked up Boyfriend’s new guitar up on the way and he’s very pleased with it indeed, which is a relief. Lovely to have the sound of an acoustic in the house again.

Ibanez Deadnaught Acoustic

I am determined that the rest of this week will not make me want to kill myself. Had a complete hissy fit on Saturday morning which threatened to ruin my birthday weekend, but managed to reign it in for family pub lunch on Sunday by just NOT checking my work emails. Harder than it sounds. Was lovely to see my Godmother after 11 YEARS! She is a consummate hippy who lives in deepest Wales and has a composting toilet. She has been sending me handmade cards and stories and letters all my life, and we looked through them all together, which I could see meant so much to her.

Daddy Hayes – Mammy Hayes – Daddy's BFF – My Godmother

One of my bookcases is ready for me to paint! So that’s what me and Boyfriend are doing this weekend. Can’t wait! We’re going for a light green to tone with the carpet – on Boyfriend’s slightly emasculated insistence…

Toshiba 32BV700B LCD TV
Our New Baby

Birthday Roses

Am I right? Tell me!

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