Spells, charms and potions

Celestefrittata Hogwarts NotebooksCelestefrittata Hogwarts Notebook Collection

These magical notebooks are by Chiara of Celestefrittata over on Etsy. Beautifully bound in vibrant colours, these are handmade Hogwarts-inspired books with ink printed designs on the recycled covers. I LOVE them. I want the whole collection. I’d frame them in box frames and have them in a grid on the wall. They are around £17 for one and £45 for three. I wonder what she’d say if I asked for all of them?

Celestefrittata Notebooks - Diaries - Hogwarts

I view these notebooks as pieces of art, and to be honest, what original art can you buy for £17 a piece? Forget they’re notebooks, and see past the pages. These are glorious little gems of design and I would kill Boyfriend to be able to own them all.

Celestefrittata Magic Notebooks - Hogwarts - Wizardry

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