It seems bizarre to me that a soon to be infamous riot can occur in this day and age. When I hear the word ‘riot’ I think of the 70s, I think of race wars and Brixton poverty. I don’t think of a couple of Garys fancying a new flat screen and some Air Max for their birds.

Whatever happened to Mark Duggan has little or no relevance to robbing and burning a post office, so how has this been allowed to continue? The reaction of the police has simply not been harsh enough. The ‘we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t’ attitude is lazy and weak. Sort it out now before people die, answer the questions from the lower echelons of the media later. At least save SOME of my tax money by striking before this mess spreads even further!

And how stupid are these kids? They’ve burnt down the places where they collect their benefits, the places where they bet on the dogs, the places where they drink their pints. I’m sure each night after they’ve finished their share of mayhem they go thoughtlessly home to their warm and comfortable ‘affordable housing’, leaving children crying in the street watching their homes burning to the ground. It’s a case of the lowest of the low wanting to bring us all down with them. After all, if Gary can’t have a nice Victorian basement flat, why should you?

Now other cities are joining in. Where is this going to stop? We need some ‘police brutality’ (i.e. police activity normal to most other countries) to bring some semblance of order back to this Hieronymus Bosch nightmare of a country.

Am I right? Tell me!

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