A Truly American Triumph

The presidential lineage of the United States of America has been full of flavoursomely named men, most of whom sound like they belong on the guest register of an 18th century London gentlemen’s club, whilst maintaining an air of ABSOLUTE Americana. As if they’re all rakish, caddish cousins visiting from New York to terrorise the maids…

But a tiny few of my favourites include:

Ulysses S. Grant
Chester A Arthur
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Grover Cleveland
Dwight E. Eisenhower
Herbert Hoover
Woodrow Wilson

Where else in the WORLD would you find a government with both a Chester AND a Dwight in its noble history?! They are all just so wonderful in their own way, but one name sumounts them all with an easy grace and fine posture that befits its worthy owner. And that man is Millard Fillmore.

Millard Fillmore served as president of the United States between 1850 and 1853. He fell in love and married a lady called Abigail, and they had two children. He named his children Abigail…


I’m sorry, but that’s the single greatest name there’s ever been. I can just imagine Millard Senior standing by his wife’s bed and suddenly startling everyone by booming out ‘Millard Powers Fillmore shall be his name!’. Oh the glory.

Not only that, but Millard Fillmore built this fine house with his own bare hands:

That’s a mighty fine house.

Am I right? Tell me!

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