I Love Panda

Got exceptionally excited about what the April Google Panda algorithm update means for my company today…

Too excited.

I’m sorry, but for a copywriter working in a corporate environment, the fact that the big bosses now HAVE to let us write interesting and engaging copy is just so great. It’s life changing. All the old SEO rules are out the window, and this young company is on an even keel with the big guns.

My main passions in this business are the copy, the design and the clients. And these just happen to be the three areas in which Google have decided they’re going to toughen up. Relevant and engaging copy, entertaining and memorable design, and a big focus on the visitor experience. If people don’t think ‘WOW’ when they see your site, they won’t read it and they won’t share it. If they don’t stay on the page very long, and they can’t be bothered to share it, Google won’t like it.

Finally web practices are up to date with what consumers want.

Nice one Panda.

Panda Update - Google Algorithm
Navneet Panda, Is That You?

Am I right? Tell me!

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