Onesie Love

I bought a onesie today. I’m not sorry.

Besides, it’s the chic-est damn onesie I ever saw. H&M Kids if you’re interested: it has black and white typography all over it…AND A HOOD.

The only thing missing for me is feet. I had a pink bunny onesie with feet when I was about 7. I’ve never got over growing out of it. The nostalgia you feel for nightwear is stronger than any other.

Boyfriend is DEFINITELY going to be happy I spent £20 on the most sexually departed piece of clothing ever invented.

I’m not the worst though. My friend Sam has a tiger print onesie. And then her fiance got a monkey one. With a tail. So now they wear them TOGETHER. I’m not even going to pretend that’s OK.

2 responses to “Onesie Love”

  1. songbirdsandsunshine Avatar

    Your jealous. And you know it. You would be the happiest you’d ever been if you got home and Phil told you that you absolutely HAD to get him one tomorrow so that you could wear it together.

    1. I can’t deny it, but it doesn’t make it ok. It just makes me as much of a sad lunatic as you.

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