Minnie Mouse Goes to a Wedding

Minnie Mouse trend

This is what I think I should be wearing to a wedding this Saturday. The outfit is just PERFECT but only with Minnie Mouse ears. No one understands, and several people have in fact FORBIDDEN me from wearing them. To me, mouse ears are just another accessory, like any other fascinator. I am clearly ahead of my time, because anyone who has heard of this idea keeps throwing me horrified looks. So now I have to make a hat, with two evenings in which to do it. And it won’t be perfect. Because this outfit DEMANDS Minnie Mouse ears!

One response to “Minnie Mouse Goes to a Wedding”

  1. […] I’m basically crap at it. I’ve posted scribblings before to illustrate a point (like Minnie Mouse Ears Are 100% a Suitable Wedding Hat) but I mean, they are desperately mediocre to offensively […]

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