On eBooks

“I will stick to paper books until they’ve been outlawed for paper consumption. Then I’ll go into black-market paper books and visit the seedy side of town, trading books like drugs, passed from trench coat to messenger bag, hidden inside hollowed out lap-top cases, whole novels committed to memory – like in Fahrenheit 451- lest some catastrophe should befall a beloved printed book.

Soon we’ll regress, paper made by hand, recycled from other papers no longer legible, entire books hand-printed with meticulous care like scribes of old, bent over writing desks with dribbled candles which hardly produce enough light, eyes strained as each letter is carefully penned.

There’s something about a book that transcends the information it contains. There’s a soul that can’t be reproduced in digital form. You can’t smell an eBook.”

Great comment by Creative Metaphor on the eBook debate. Beautiful!

I pledge to read the printed word

Am I right? Tell me!

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