Monday Addams

So hey. Yesterday I posted an outfit on Chictopia, which I do maybe three a times a week. It’s mainly because I’m a posey hipster, but it’s also to direct traffic towards HOWL. Usually I get four or five comments, a few votes and that’s it. FAIR ENOUGH.

Yesterday though. Yesterday I posted an outfit I wasn’t even that proud of and between then and now, it’s had 177 votes. WTF? Is there something I don’t know? Like collar tips are to hipsters what keys are to magpies (all I learnt from Postman Pat I’m afraid)? Or maybe there’s some kind of ‘Goth of the Week’ feature I haven’t seen. Whatever it is, I just wish people would appreciate the outfits I actually worked hard on instead of ‘I’m a grumpy orphan’ Mondays.

Here it is, see what you think. I’m stumped.

Chictopia - Honor Clement-Hayes wears Monday Addams

Am I right? Tell me!

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