Excellent Man Quote on Fashion

“I hope nobody…actually thinks men are worried about this kind of stuff. If you think this scene has ever occurred…

Two young DUDES are at a cocktail party at a trendy Manhattan loft. The first DUDE spots a beautiful YOUNG WOMAN sighing wistfully as she fails to eat anything from the hors d’oeuvre tray. He looks interested in her, but then his eyes pan down to her shoes and he shrieks in ghastly apoplexy.

DUDE 1: “Oh my GOD, I cannot BELIEVE that girl is wearing those fake fur lace-up mules! I was about to go talk to her until I saw…THAT.”

DUDE 2: “How utterly horrid! Perhaps the poor dear took a wrong turn on the way to Wal-Mart and wound up here. But take heart! You may note, there in the corner, a winsome young lass wearing open toed Ginas — Angelica boots if I’m not mistaken — and they match her tasteful Louis Vuitton bag.”

DUDE 1: “Paydirt, bro!”

The DUDES high five.

…you have been living in Wonderbread Land for entirely too long. It’s a scientific fact that 98% of the people who care about what you’re wearing are other women.”

Bloody brilliant.

2 responses to “Excellent Man Quote on Fashion”

  1. what have I been saying for years? Men wear what they like – fashionable or not. šŸ˜€

    1. I wear what I like fashionable or not. Duh.

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