The Power of Penis

This week I sent my editor an article a lady wrote about loving your vagina. It was hilarious and kind of eww-cute, but I reeeeeally just wanted to imagine Shaun reading all her gross-out names for ladyparts and having to go and be sick (Shaun is stridently gay).

However, he was not just sickened: he went so far as to respond with ‘A Love Letter to Your Penis‘ which basically underlined how vile the idea of a vagina can seem to one who may not spend much time with them. I was outraged, but in a FUNNY way – it was clearly a joke to provoke me. Others were not so amused.

Since publishing his article, Shaun has been subject to a militant response from xoJane (writer of the original letter) and some serious fem-hate from her followers. Some of the things they’re saying are really freakin’ funny, so although I feel a bit sorry for him, I’ve just been laughing ALL DAY.

Here’s a great extract from her response:

Look, once and for all: My vagina is not the little girl from The Ring.  It’s not going to like, get you. It doesn’t pop out of corners or scurry across the room like Chucky. It’s not a creepy clown who pulls you through a sewer grate. It doesn’t suck you into a mirror and keep you in there for the rest of your life. My vagina is not a jump scare.


Really think she took it a TAD too seriously though…I just mentally punched him in the face and moved on.

Oh, internet.

A Love Letter to Your Penis - HOWL Magazine
That’s so Shaun

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