Learning to Be a Feminist

Cailtin Moran

So, Cailtin Moran is like my all-time biggest crush – I adore her physically, mentally, cosmically, the works. Not only is she hilarious and wonderful, she has also just taught me that I am in fact a feminist and I feel good.

The revelation that to ‘be a feminist’ means you just pretty much reckon everyone should be allowed to make their own choices and not be limited by their sex. Sounds obvious, but I had actually never even thought about it. Why should I? I’ve never felt oppressed or held back by ‘not being a man’ so I’d never had to wrestle with my beliefs in this arena. I’ve just left all that to other women and never once thanked my lucky stars for the opportunities that this millennium offers me.

But now darling Caitlin has come along and completely removed any trace of stigma from the word feminist in my mind and I am proud to say yup, I am in fact one of those. Yay!

Read my full article on HOWL Magazine and let me know what feminism means to YOU.


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