I’m Not Dead

Well, it’s been a full couple of weeks. I got an award at work with MY VERY FIRST TROPHY! Very exciting, and I didn’t even know I was nominated for it. I’ve also done lots of writing, broken my first tablet and spent £135 on Dr Martens wingtips.

This week I’m meeting with a local charity to discuss ideas for a website I’m creating for them as a Digital Champion. Quite a few other nerve-wracking occurrences this week too but I’m keeping those under my hat…

I’ve been pretty quiet on here and HOWL, mainly due to a lot of life happening. Y’all know I’ll suddenly spring back again and be in your face ALL THE TIME.

But for now, so long. x


UPDATE: I just heard I’m the first person to be promoted to Writing Hunter at GKBC… noice!

Am I right? Tell me!

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