A Life Summary

S’been a busy month. Last week in particular was jammed with ridiculous things and I was in a state of odd-shoed, blank-faced confusion for much of the time.

Things were OK until Wednesday when I had to do last minute hair dying, murder mystery costume practising and other bizarre jobs with my mother. I also had to select something to wear to a client photoshoot on Thursday morning AND a suitable outfit for going straight from work to London for the evening.


On top of that, I was leaving on Friday morning for a stay by the sea so had to get my head round taking everything I needed for that to London as well! It’s a tangled web of disastrous organisational demands.

So Thursday night I went to a Vice Blogging Network meet at Portside Parlour in Broadway Market. The bar is a pop-up rum specialist in a speakeasy-esque cellar behind a communal toilet. The cocktails are doll’s house small and terrifyingly strong, chosen from menus concealed in old books. So far, so hip. A nice blonde lady pointed out the ‘lighter’ drinks and I felt offended but it turned out she was completely right and what I did in fact want was a Butterfly Kiss – which all the boys shunned for being girly.

Representing HOWL were Ruairidh (Men’s Fashion Editor), Shaun (Editor-in-Chief) and ME (Women’s Fashion Editor – did I mention that?). We met with Kate Newman from VBN, David Hinga from WatchMePivot Magazine and a hunk called Dickon Ireland (Come Into Land) with a tattoo of an artichoke on his arm. He came from NORWICH, which instantly put my journey from Reading to shame…

HOWL Magazine & David Hinga at Birthdays

After the eye-watering cocktails, we departed for Birthdays in Dalston, where VICE were hosting a launch for Ketel One vodka. Cue more cocktails, of the larger and more sinkable kind. Lots of people were dancing ironically and having Polaroids taken of themselves, so we joined in with gusto. There was a small wooden stage calling to me but when I clamboured upon it I was very quickly pounced on by a smiley bouncer.


Having consumed a LOT of free alcohol, it seemed like a BRILLIANT idea to go to a party in South London with David but luckily sense prevailed and I managed (with a lot of phone assistance) to get myself back across London in time for the last train home to darling Surrey.

With a McDonald’s clutched in one hand and my clutch clutched in the other, I was escorted by black-clad metallers from my youth and arrived home to find a miniature rave in full swing. Bed didn’t happen until 3am and then I was up the next day for the drive to Bridport – and so commenced a murder mystery weekend!

Boat in Bridport

Three days of hysterical 50-somethings drinking copious amounts of wine and dressing up as 1940s murder suspects…I’m pretty knackered. My main role each year is to do my mam’s hair, and that part went swimmingly so a good result.

Honor Clement-Hayes Vivien of Hollway dress

My favourite part of these weekends is the SEA. Wet or dry, sunny or stormy, the sea is one of the loves of my life. I can stare at it for hours, getting soaked in the dark. The afternoon we arrived the fog came down like a curtain and I went and wandered in it for an hour and a half.


This week sees the launch of the product I’ve been working on for the last few months, then I’m off work for FOURTEEN DAYS. I haven’t taken enough holiday off and I can’t carry it over so I just have to blitz it all before the end of the month.

I’m going to be incredibly bored but hopefully I can get my act together for lots of writing. Poor Boyfriend can’t even get his birthday off, but at least we’ll have Good Friday together. That weekend is also the launch of The SON’s new rock night in my hometown, which should be incredible!

Wow, that’s some words. I go now, ta ta. x

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