Letraset Promarkers


I just got my Rich Tones Letraset Promarkers. These sets are very well put together for a glorious palette that’s ready to go. I particularly enjoy Moss against and over Maroon, and Marine is incredible too.

The pens are better than I could have imagined: smooth, bold, easily layered…it’s like drawing with watercolours but with serious precision.

My usual attitude to pens is the skinnier the better but I actually love the chiselled fat end best. It swoops big swathes of colour over the page but gives a really sharp edge with the very point. I wasn’t going for dense colour but I’m sure these pens are more than capable of completely even and consistent coverage.

I love these colours together; deep glowing autumn tones that blend beautifully. I decided to just play with how the colours interacted, then inked up my great grandfather’s office stamps for some texture. I also couldn’t resist using my new sheet of transfers in University Roman, which is such a glorious type.

My dad introduced me to Letraset a long time ago, when he discovered a huge collection of transfers from his art college days. They always remind me of him, and the stamps he passed on to me are one of my most precious possessions.

Am I right? Tell me!

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