I Been Writing

I’ve been doing quite a bit of off the cuff, on the hoof writing recently. I did three articles this week for GKBC, all on great subjects and receiving constructive feedback.

I’ve also done two very last minute posts from Vice Blogging Network this week, one with a publish deadline one hour after getting confirmation from my editor. Crickey! Got it done though and it’s excellent practice.

Aside from writing, yesterday I was interviewed for a hibu video about the charity I’m making a website for. It was so horrendously uncomfortable – mainly because of the big hot lights, but also because I’m not used to being tongue tied.

I know why I’m good at my job, but ask me to explain in front of a camera, under bright lights…and apparently I fall apart. I did eventually give them some good stuff but it’s amazing how quickly you can forget what you were saying when you’re having to sit up straight and not move your eyes from a fixed point!

I now have two weeks off (except some angelic overtime next weekend) which takes in family photograph organising with my grandma, Boyfriend’s birthday, The SON’s club opening, an important meeting and lots of writing. Bring it!


Am I right? Tell me!

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