This Is The Life

It’s been a busy month. When isn’t it? Lots of exciting things have happened, are happening and will happen. This week I’ve been covering the Senior Creative Graphic Designer on creative decisions for a set of marketing emails I’ve copywritten. It’s been…tense. But exciting! Definitely out of my comfort zone.

Recently I’ve been expanding my PR copywriting from tech to golf shoes and baby accessories so that’s been interesting – I’ve even dabbled in some design work which I’m hoping I’ll get time to develop. Wouldn’t it be ace to be an all singing, all dancing copywriter-designer? Yes it would. And monies.

Last week I was in Glasgow for work, showing off how ace my company is and drinking wine with lovely colleagues. It’s the start of a big project that will be continuing into October and is a mix of terrifying and mega fun.

Tomorrow I’m London-bound in a brand new pair of Bernhard Willhelm x Camper trainers to show them what I do with my time for a little write up on their blog. That means I get to hang out with Ols (of the doomed university era) for a day, drinking cider and mooching about. And these trainers. Oh my God. They’re like bouncing along on springs and make me feel like an astronaut with a penchant for skating and hiking. Yeah, that’s a look.

So, that’s me out for now. It’s funny how documentation of life falls by the wayside once life ACTUALLY starts happening…

Bernhard Willhelm x Camper

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