I’ve fully neglected all social media in favour of working hard and doing life a bit. This has been going on a while now and it’s very strange!

Recently I’ve been working on some awesome email campaigns for hibu and press stuff for some of my freelance clients which is lovely. We just got back from Rome so I’d had a little break from it all but back with a vengeance now.

The night before we flew to Rome we saw… FLEETWOOD MAC. Yup, the Fleetwood Mac. It was one of the most moving and surreal nights of my life. I wept. Just listening to them talk and interact with each other was magical. Mick Fleetwood was talking about Stevie Nicks and said “The lady, our lady. Our poet”. TEARS.

Rome was insane. It’s such a hectic place, with ludicrous traffic and filthy streets – but the city is amazing. We walked literally everywhere from our apartment in Trastevere, about ten miles a day. Out to the San Callisto catacombs, into Testaccio for dinner, along the Tiber to St Peter’s square – everywhere! Talking Italian was knackering but well worth the effort.


It’s good to be home though. Friday night we had some of our friends over for a pretty mental night and then yesterday was catching up on work – up till 3am doing what I should have been doing when I was actually in bed until midday…oops.

Rewarded myself pretty well for the late work. It’s been a long time since I bought any Irregular Choice shoes, mainly because the sizing is just ridiculously difficult to judge and I’ve been less impressed with their designs over the last couple of years. However, I spotted the shoe version of my much debated parrot / Wonderwoman / Power Ranger boots and just had to have them.


And now I’ve procrastinated enough – back to it!

Am I right? Tell me!

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