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Life of Pi website - Parallax design

This week I’ve been working on a marketing page for beauty industry customers. I’ve been trying to balance sounding like US and sounding like THEM, as well as navigating around clichés without being too corporate. Quel job!

Another v. interesting aspect is that the design we’re working on for the page is parallax, meaning all sorts of wonderful, magical things happen as you scroll down the page. I encountered this a while back and found this website of NASA’s and this one promoting Life of Pi. How beautiful?

That’s all very lovely, and perfect for this audience – but the writing part becomes rather tricksy. The whole point of parallax design is that all is not revealed at once you see. That means the text is introduced gradually if the visitor is scrolling down section by section, or all in a mad blur of colours if they are not.

So. Each paragraph has to be just as valuable alone as next to its friends. Every block of text needs to be capable of acting as a standalone message in case the visitor has scrolled and scrolled and scrolled, then stopped to look at an image. If the text next to it isn’t strong enough to go it alone, too bad – because the preceding paragraph has already disappeared. And it would be fairly dumb to assume a busy customer would go back to pick up the trail.

The text also has to flow seamlessly with the design, with every paragraph complementing what’s going on with the graphics. Lots of one-to-one time for me and our web designer, which is FAB and exactly what I love doing. Writing copy is very nice but EDITING copy to blend perfectly with something being created in front of your eyes… Now that’s ace.

Geeky in the extreme I know, but GRRRR it gets me going.

Am I right? Tell me!

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