A Love Story

This is an ode. To my trainers.

In all seriousness, this is a love story about finding my perfect shoes. That’s just the kind of life I live. I do not know how to pay my council tax and would starve to death if left alone with a frying pan and an egg. I have an incredibly impractical approach to life within the confines of my home.

Don’t care. Meet four of the best things in my life.

Camper Himalayan sneakers Camper Himalayan sneakers

They are the most comfortable shoes in the world (they are like walking on HOVERBOARDS) due to intensely springy soles that may well have been invented by scientists in the future. For the price (one million pounds*), it’s what I would expect.

They are also just so freakin’ COOL. They’re weird and chunky and like skate shoes and also hiking boots. They are astronaut trainers and 90s Buffalos combined.

And you know what? They are also leg-lengthening, which you know is really what it comes down to. They have a liiiittle wedge that tenses one’s calf muscles just the right amount to take these shoes from ‘trainers’ to ‘gifts of the gods’.

I really cannot convey to you just how much I love my Himalayans and, as someone who is trying to kick a very serious eBay and Primark habit, they are VALUE FOR MONEY at £165. And I don’t actually say that about anything expensive except the tinned tuna with the ring-pull, which is worth the extra ALWAYS.

They’ve got some new colour-ways out for spring and I’m reeeeeeally hoping the woman’s range isn’t limited to the – albeit cute – flowery ones in the UK. Please give me the crazy disco design I’ve seen on the US site. Please, I will gladly give you all my money Camper, just as long as you give me the disco ones. Please. I beg.

Himalayan Sketch at Solestruck

* Not really though

Oh and also, I should say that these were FREE to me (lucky me) last year because I did some writing for Camper. However, I will be purchasing the DISCO SHOES from my own purse if given the chance. Please give me the chance.

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