I hoard.

If I fall in love with something I’ve bought as I learn how many ways I can wear it, I start to worry about how I’ll cope when it’s gone.

I still have clothes from my teens but these days my mother isn’t in charge of quality control – which means my (Primark and eBay) clothing does tend to fade/stretch/break etc.

And so I’ve developed the curiously backward practice of buying complete tat in bulk. I have three pairs of the same (pleather) Rocketdog cowboy boots. Three pairs of plain black platform creepers. Two pairs of Dalmatian print platform creepers. Twin pairs of Goth ankle boots with silver buckles. Three pairs of the very same black wedge sandals.

And that’s just the shoes.

So, this begs the question: why not spend more on ONE pair that will not break?

I’m not sure. It’s my brain not quite catching up with the idea that I can afford to roam beyond the confines of Primark every now and then. It’s my bargain hunter’s pride. It’s the textiles student in me that says “yeah, but what if we want to paint one pair GOLD?”.

All I know is that my boyfriend is close to the edge when it comes to my shoes. The fact that a lot of them are EXACTLY the same not only confuses him; it must also be incredibly disorientating to put one pair of black shoes away only to find THE SAME PAIR in another place. Like some kind of nightmare.

What to do? I know the answer to that of course. Buy the Dr Martens, not the plastic rip offs. Buy the Steve Madden wedges instead of some poorly-glued replica from Japan. I KNOW.

But then I’ll be like all the people I’ve been gaily laughing at as I prance about in £10 shoes. Until the heel comes off and I try to fix it back on with chewing gum. Hmm.

Now I’m growing steadily more sure of what my ‘look’ is, I should feel more comfortable committing to the items that I know will work for me. I’m not the flighty ‘Am I Goth/hipster/ballerina/toddler/cowboy/skater today?’ girl anymore because I now know that, of course, I am all of those combined.

OK, thanks for the help. Think we’ve answered this one, non?

Am I right? Tell me!

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