Some things I have learned about this month

The Truth About Ruth: The Razing Ruth scam

Part catfish, part malingering, part Munchausen by Internet – it’s a fascinating read and this lady has explored it with the kind of research fervour I can only dream of. Massive props to her for taking the time to give this subject the devotion it deserves.

The Amityville Horror

Obviously I’d heard this name and it certainly is emotive, but I didn’t know any of the details. I’ve just started reading an overview of it and might order the Jay Anson book.


I’d heard of this in relation to writing – it’s the stuff that makes a story seem real. However, it’s also a philosophical argument about degrees of truth. So, if you have a fact and two falsehoods, can one falsehood be ‘more true’ than the other even though it is still completely untrue?

An example of this is all the scientific ‘facts’ that have since been proved inaccurate. Each step towards the actual truth was ‘less false’ than the previous assertion. So, can something be ‘more true’ while still being false? A maze of thought. 🙂


A new word! It means “Destructive to both sides in a conflict”. Very useful.

Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee is a comedian of such startling intelligence that he actually scares his audiences. His searing wit, rambling delivery and incredible use of repetition to the point of risk is just brilliant. Click his name for some video clips. I admire him very much.

Online courses

Skillshare – a place of many online courses, but it is paid. I’m about to start this copywriting course with my free month.

MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT’s actual course notes, published on the internet for you to use for free. Wow. I’m trying this one on psycholinguistics.

Ballet workouts

I’ve been after an adult ballet class for ages but they’re few and far between – and almost always at Yummy Mummy times (11am on a Tuesday for example). So I’ve turned to YouTube and found looooads of free videos so I’m hoping I can persuade myself to just GET ON WITH IT alone.

Moz’s Whiteboard Friday on content marketing

As someone who writes ‘content’ for marketing, it’s good to see Moz tackling the myths around it. Content is great for marketing but it’s not going to double your sales in a week. Or a month. Or even a year. However awesome your content is, it will very rarely lead to a direct sale. Content marketing is about brand awareness, trust and community.

Rachel Rabbit White on dating bisexual men

I hate to link you to something called ‘Girl Talk’ on a site named ‘The Frisky’ but Rachel Rabbit White is a fascinating writer. You may loathe her style but she is somehow hypnotic. I think it’s because she seems like a woman who has dismissed the views of the world because literally no one could hate or love her more than she hates and loves herself.

Am I right? Tell me!

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