I keep hearing this word chucked about in relation to ‘stress initiatives’ and other such nonsense in the corporate world. It’s essentially meditation – but instead of clearing your mind, it’s a recognition and acceptance of any thought, feeling or sensation you experience.

I’m pretty sure I do this instinctively, particularly when I’m out in The Nature. But I’m sure I could do it more often and with more purpose – just two minutes as soon as I sit down at my desk each day. It’s weird how calming it is to just shut your eyes and pay attention to the minute thump of the blood in your veins, the pressure of your feet on the floor. Very centring.

Here’s some stuff about Mindfulness.

2 responses to “Mindfulness”

  1. Do you think mindfulness can be a lifestyle or, something that is always happening in what we do. Or, is it something we do for certain amounts of time only?

    1. Personally I can only give this kind of attention to ‘being’ in short bursts. I can do things more mindfully (like active listening in meetings, which I suck at because I’m planning my bit, and experiencing the things I’m eating instead of shovelling them in my face) but otherwise this is more of a meditative practice to me and requires a certain amount of glazing over, which isn’t really compatible with most situations!

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