Learning Anew

Boyfriend is currently discovering the joy of learning. He’s suddenly found himself the resident SEO expert for his company, which says a bit about their SEO knowledge. However, he has girded his loins and set out to learn everything he possibly can about the subject – which means frenzied IMs to me throughout the day.

He doesn’t like not instantly understanding things but he DOES like the sudden click one feels when everything falls into place and the words are no longer a garbled code of nonsense. He even said that he wishes I could explain everything to him: he gets it when I explain. That’s a nice thing to hear.

I’m doing my own learning. I had a bit of a ‘OMG I’VE MADE A MISTAKE’ session last week (after one single day) but the next day I chucked myself at the problem and guess what? I friggin’ FIXED it. I feel in control but just every so slightly veering towards that OMG territory. And THAT, my friends, is where I love to live.

I’m working hard. I’m doing nine hour days, straight through. I’m 100% in love with what I’ve done to myself. I’m so excited about my future with this company and I know I’m on the right path.

I’m reading Ogilvy on Advertising at the moment and with every page I turn, I feel like the man himself is talking straight at me. 20 years have passed since it was published but it still tops the lists of must-reads for marketers, and copywriters in particular. I can see why – he’s a personal mentor for every kid out there who’s trying to make it in the business.

So, all in all, BOOM.

Am I right? Tell me!

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