Ebony Omerican flatty tunnel

Remember I’m all, like, organic now? Yuh, THAT.

Well my ebony Omerica tunnels came and OMG so nice. Disregarding the £11 I had to pay over the odds to buy them back from Royal Mail’s clutches, these are such stunners.

I opened the little printed bag and thought “Ah shit, those look massive”, instantly chastising myself for misremembering how alternative I am by vastly inflating the size of my tunnel. However, I thought I’d give it a go and slathered my ear in (guess what?) coconut oil. And in it went! I don’t know how when it looked so massive compared to the tiny little thing I took out but there you go.

Anyway, it feels and looks lovely (smooth, fine grained black wood) and it’s going to be a hell of a lot better for my ear than plastic because a) I have to take it out every day to shower so the wood doesn’t swell b) they’re porous, so allow the skin to breathe c) they’re super light, so not so hard on the ears.

I lurrrrve how it looks as they’re SO black and the light through looks great, especially as they’re quite thin so it’s all hole.

I took Omerica’s advice and got single flare tunnels with one O ring – mainly because small tunnels can so easily slip out and I’ve lost OH JUST HUNDREDS. This feels really secure in my ear because it’s matte and the O ring is stopping gravity doing its evil work.

Good treat!

Ebony Omerica flatty tunnels
Ebony Omerica flatty tunnels

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