Hello Poetry

I’ve put some work on a website called Hello Poetry, which is a lovely, well-designed (pretty rare) place for sharing poetry.

One of my poems about the sea trended for a bit, which is nice. Funny that one of the only things I’ve ever written that rhymes is the most popular. Human beings love pattern.

The site has a feature showing the most recently used words and I’ve been having fun picking out weirdly beautiful phrases that have been generated. I can see my own words too, which I love.

Some great results:
sparrow light
grey life
streets felt sparkling cool
golden warm bookcase
possibly diamonds
scattered haze
orphan shivering
stolen valley
mothers weep glorious bleak paradise
unfortunate colour
jazz shuffle
scratching dampness
halos mottled
gas-lit smash-and-grabs
evolution coughs
fairy corridors
hilltop molecules
dingy freak
opium claws
words scattering
liquid laugh
desperate offering
silent green
hot wet dreams
wiped sighs lingering
pulse sleepy
low sweetness
quiet water mist
tomorrow finds glory
buildings sinking
shelf ghosts
catching happiness


Am I right? Tell me!

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