Recent Words

little like books light thing sparrow eyes thought lit bird air morning away beautiful step oh cold he’s upwards trees there’s life colours sky head damp dark night thank building story grey house seen stop open endless seen make just stone tiny long door looked great child that sit perch words stood smoke streets hungry slowly space sparkling street cool dropped wind poked dome bang splendour bright merit laughing heavy saw rain series fluttered wings downwards felt sleeves boys began pebbles grudge vast doors afraid knew world shine mind picked clear rhythm carefully home hill tonight green bookcase swooped hear weather feel count golden she’s place live you’ll inside arms white warm treasure lo cried ignored scattered haze soared asunder webs kid bare fists jealous spread abandon diamonds floorboards stolen holes intentions valley cleanse glints seams feeble flapping castle collect treasures stock dripped grime nicely shelves whiskey chatter unfortunate shimmer closer charged wrist ceiling orphan december hangs comfortless ghastly mere grain petals glasses happy chorus church escape risen silently colour ladders upward cigarettes echoing mothers scenery weep glorious bleak paradise heights clinging fuel tale raining fixed possibly gazed spake guilty indulgent begged curses torturing hopped joys sodden sniffing jazz shuffle reaching sally raking locks surplus stroll soaring shivering dingy pinpricks trapdoors orphans dampness relatives camaro snarls they’re hounded organised archway gaia porridge vestiges pumped sorting hums scratching recite genre expanse dens injected halos mottled gibbet snatches huddle detergent shoo flanked sacrilegious elohim listeners’ over-long ’69 pollutant curated ptah lockhart gas-lit smash-and-grabs one-read many-paged brrrrrrrah mossy-scented smoke-blackened prison-like half-smile synchronised fairground uncertainly dizzying shakily woodpeckers orphanage gulleys archive commutes wouldn’t season’s children’s well-known and music beasts roost fairy polished smog unfamiliar sickly recently title consumed abandoning pajamas evolution coughs happenstance consequence highest strip delighted immortality statues corridors crept dissolved author charity clever acts conjuring wrapping vapour grieving blankets creeps vent freak inched stumps hilltop molecules laundry organs rambling airless unguarded unfeeling unconditional chick oleander urged gnarled super opium claws glue jackets outstretched salty club steeled languishing relics banging rejected sorted rush shadows knowing return leaves peculiar laughter making stay days smooth sorry thousand song tore new flew brave feet scattering fell deep liquid laugh stress chests old futile worn arm fingers naive toys pick boy minds dog born sat waiting knock precious hidden strong man nose floor figure shift dancing hearts bringing desperate offering breeze getting standing gently spot bodies drew nature heart window gave giving forever tattered forgotten way land setting left carry darkest finger set tangled inhaling speak gone heartbeats pounding flash face silent know tell hot wet dreams mouth lean reminds wanted calm crime bruises family darkness angels ask hiding sits small smug hand sound sea good longer lungs say selfish alive trying fear shrine likely wait history turns supposed storm pure lives beats wiped sighs lingering pulse sleepy floors linger silence wrinkled shades park names spirals figures sets biting big fallen faces infinite walked fills shop beneath gasp pool leading easy sheltering strands salt footsteps lifted task huge slammed funny events pillars collection shows tilting racing handle homes throwing ankles despite dressed glowing row forward low companion sweetness stories echo locked drives pit claim late water heads singing build silver makes gold drawn told windows misery awful grave view reached mist tomorrow glory yes city surprised tree buildings sinking measure shelf ghosts given disease finds warms sadness regardless clean stamps swing paths edge catching happiness gaze fights fucking imagining gasped fit sunday moisture beating crying shallow sad stomach led soon suddenly rid crawling wise feels took quiet

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