You remember my post entitled Kate Upton is Not Fat, from a long time ago?

Well, I was reminded of it today as Taking Shape, plus size clothing retailer and ‘normal body size’ campaigner (sure, because more plus size ladies mean more sales, amirite?), slowly but surely imploded under the pressure of an ill-thought-out PR stunt at London Fashion Week. They called it #SkinnyBirdWatching. Everyone else it called ‘body shaming’.

Their intention was to highlight the supposed fact that while 100% of the models walking in the shows are teeny tiny, this body shape is actually rare – and yet we bind ourselves to the fallacy that it’s an ideal we should aspire to. Well, soz Taking Shape, but don’t be so frickin’ THICK.

These girls are there to make clothes look good, not to stand as an emblem for womankind. Your obsessive faux-reverence for ‘curvy’ women is irrelevant here. A size 16 doesn’t make Christopher Kane’s neoprene body-con look desirable enough for someone to smack down £2,000. A size six does, and is much easier to squeeze into the backstage dressing area. They stack like deckchairs.

Sure, you could say that we need to go even further and change the world so designers make clothes that look good on more people but really girl, you got time for that?

Just stop ladies, focus on you. Think about whether you’re truly OK being your applauded size 16 ‘average’ if you have to make so much noise about how fine you are with it. No one cares how big you are so long as you’re healthy and happy – stop shaming girls who are working hard and getting paid. And are about 16 years old, you BULLIES.

One more thing? Size 16 may be the average but why does that mean it’s somehow better? Just because a lot of people are doing something, that doesn’t make it a notable situation. It’s neutral. Most people chew food with their mouths open when they have a cold. Should I celebrate it..?

Groo, this world. Be nice to each other, can’t you?

Am I right? Tell me!

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