The Joy of @OneMinuteBriefs

Just as they're cutting the cheese

I do love a little challenge. I’ve cooled off on my Slow Writing recently but have started doing One Minute Briefs on Twitter as I mentioned last week. They’re great because loads of people from #CopywritersUnite get involved and it’s good for honing your imaginationamabob. And your boldness also.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, advertising Photoshop, tractors, motorbikes, decaffeinated coffee and cyber bullying awareness. (The one above was for Whoopee Cushions and should have won but I’m convinced people didn’t get it. Right?)
@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

I loved coffee but it made me feel

@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

Oh! Also, I wrote about @OneMinuteBriefs and #CopywritersUnite for Yell this week – go read it, it’s about the wonderful things you can learn from a copywriter. Obviously.

Am I right? Tell me!

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