The Times of Late

Oh dear. I’ve been rather remiss in my personal writing recently. No diatribes about sexist books. No love letters to sea mist. No mournful rememberings of days past. Bad writer.

The thing is, I’ve been busy. You must understand. I’ve had a lot on.

I’ve won another One Minute Brief, which is utterly lovely. I’ve had splendid news about a thing that I feel I shouldn’t spoil before it’s public (much #blogger, many #blessed). I’ve cracked the whole driving thing and driven to work without incident (serious incident, anyway) for a few weeks now. I’ve taken on a nice big copywriting project. I’ve written things about SEO, learning a few bits along the way that made me go ‘Oh shit’. I’ve been to a mini #CopywritersUnite night and made a new bitch. I’ve edited a film script. I’ve organised a London jaunt for Phil’s birthday: hotel and Thunder at Wembley.

Generally, lovely. X

Am I right? Tell me!

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