The very first #CopywritersUniteNight I went to, I met Chloe, Kady and Dibbsy. I hate meeting people but for some reason these three seemed pretty OK.

Well, the rest is history.

Since that night, we’ve counselled each other through job applications, difficult briefs, Creative Director cajoling, grammar decisions and one particularly bizarre case of three-way agency courting.

Having three people (four – Copyfather, obv) basically on call for you is an incredible liferaft. To know that I can put out my CopyCat Signal and immediately have a group of people to back me up…it’s like a virtual gang. The kind whose pens are mightier than all the swords.

Hanging out with them IRL isn’t like being with other people – they have the same brain. They know the things I know and their thought processes follow the same cackling swoops and swirls. We laugh a lot.

Monday night we did Copy Christmas. Buttered rum, duck confit, Greek chips and mulled wine. It rained and we retreated to the corner of a giant shed (fine, ‘Rekordelig Lodge’ on Southbank) to shout at each other.

I felt consumed by affection for these three very different but utterly similar humans. They’re just the best.

Thanks guys, I owe you my sanity. x



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