Things We’ve Achieved Together


We’ve counselled sadness, anger, overexcitement and scaredy-catness.

We’ve listened to 40-line direct message rants.

We’ve discussed comma splicing, malapropisms, over-adverbing and Fit Boys.

We’ve got braver with pricing.

We’ve stood up for our writing.

We’ve learned how to spot and deal with dickheads.

We’ve used our individual subject areas to help each other with scary new projects.

We’ve poked, prodded and praised our way to greater collective confidence.

We’ve developed shared principles and disagreed where necessary.

We’ve prescribed books and blogs like homeopathy zealots.

We’ve retweeted, pimped, blogged about and commented each other to higher things.

We’ve become an always-on bat-signal tribe.

We’ve become IRL friends.


We’ve also planned a free talk for new copywriters, to help them gather support around themselves as they get into the industry. Just like we did with each other.

One response to “Things We’ve Achieved Together”

  1. You are so right. Can’t believe I never clocked this before. And we have achieved so much more since then bruh! :’)

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