Sartorial power

Since lockdown, one of my best things has been two special women: Chloe, who is a long-time copybuddy, and Becca, who I’ve got close to since the world turned upside down.

We are three very different women, but have so much in common and seem perfectly harmonised for a supportive circle. Triangle, I suppose.

I recently saw a brand on Instagram called Manners London and posted some of their website copy. We started discussing it between us and got more and more obsessed with the whole vibe, which was all about simple, handmade, ethical clothes that make women feel powerful with zero fuss.

I licked that brand story up like croissant crumbs and, duh, ended up ordering some things. Then Becca ordered some things. Then Chloe ordered some things.

Becca’s arrived first and we were all like omgliterallythisisqueenshit. The photo she sent us – wow. Power BEAMING out of her.

My order arrived a couple of days later and I tried on the dress. Took the obligatory photo OF MY BUTT in this dress for the womenz. Then tried on the jumpsuit, which made my reflection look like the most Me it’s ever looked. Man, couldn’t stop smiling.

You see, the thing is – this is not just a brand story of female empowerment. You can tell the story is legit because the product lives us to the hype. THICK cotton that you swear won’t even go on your body, it’s so tight. But on it goes, and you’re looking in the mirror at some kind of actual goddess.

These are magic clothes but some of that magic IS from the story. Clothes designed by a single mother with a big bum who wanted to make things women feel good in, sans bra. Feel defiant in, really.

Because the magic isn’t just that they make you look good. They make you look like a sartorial FUCK YOU to anyone who doesn’t think women’s natural shapes are individually perfect and collectively sublime.

I’ve never in my life considered wearing a skin tight jumpsuit as out-of-the-house clothing. Well, guess what. I’ll be wearing that baby to every damn occasion going.

2 responses to “Sartorial power”

  1. amanda clement-hayes Avatar
    amanda clement-hayes

    But still the model is slender as… Isn’t that a bit naughty? She is the shape I would LOVE to be but only achieved at 6.5 stone!
    Good article though. X

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    1. THIS model is, yes. But if you go and look at their website, there are lots of kinds of bodies.

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