Face fashion

Masks. Are. Cool.

From 24 July, we’ll all be wearing them in shops. All the silly British reluctance to do something a bit funny will be moot.

You could have been wearing them all along, getting used to it and building up a facial wardrobe – but no. You had to sniff and mutter about muzzles and rights and other NONSENSE.

Masks are cool. Get on Redbubble or Etsy and find some patterns you like. Work them into your palette or pick out something striking. Match to your suits, match to your dog’s collar, match to the weather.

My dudes, it’s fun. Such a simple act of respect for our fellow humans and in pretty colours!

No makeup required, no smiling required, no chit-chat required. It’s a dream. Especially if you’re not a critical worker who has to wear a surgical mask for nine hours a day in a room without air conditioning like my midwife best friend. Popping a mask on to go into Tesco is hardly impeding your joie de vivre.

I’ve been wearing masks defiantly for months now, which is mental when I’m in the right. When I’m protecting the staring elderly in M&S from myself. NO MILDRED I REFUSE TO KILL YOU.

I will now be regularly including masks in my outfit posts on Insta. I take it as a personal mission to flamboyantly embrace this single good (late, though) government decision.

Honor wearing a camo face mask

Am I right? Tell me!

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