My coven

There are some amazing women in my life. They are doing things they didn’t think they could, making the world better and investing in themselves.


Can I just?


OK, so Becca has been asked to judge the D&AD entries for Graphic Design, which is MENTAL. I’ve been to D&AD several times and I feel sort of star-struck that my friend will be part of it. One year, I stole a judge’s pencil pin that I was given by mistake. She’s going to be a legit voice in the room. So proud.

Harriet has been musing on whether she wants to work for herself and just – “accidentally” – worked on her first freelance project, supported with advice from seasoned freelance strategist, Alina.

Sophie launched an entire course about marketing for small businesses, after weeks of saying she didn’t know what she was doing or where to start. It just appeared one day. Nuts! She’s also just done her first project for the travel industry (her specialism) since that whole global pandemic thing happened.

Liana, our babiest member, is about to return to work from furlough – but into a brand-new role. As an actual creative strategist, with one-to-one coaching from her CEO. Now, if that’s not a success story of Strategy Coven, I don’t know what is. And if I am not envious, I don’t know what i am.

And that’s just FOUR of the impressive women in my coven.

Oh, me? Yes, I am also an impressive woman.

This week, I completed training to be a mentor for The Girls’ Network, which was terrifying and inspiring. I’ll be matched with a girl between 14 and 21 sometime in the autumn, and I’ll become her ‘professional friend’ to support her in building the future she wants. I got to the point where donating money to causes didn’t feel like enough; I have the time and I have the experience to try to help someone on a personal level. No kids = time to help other people’s kids. A blessing!

Impressive women. May we be them, may we know them, may we lift them up, always.

Am I right? Tell me!

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